Is your organization ready to offer telemedicine and telehealth services, or to transform basic services into a comprehensive, modern platform?

Over the last ten years, our co-founders and network of professionals have been developing telemedicine and telehealth solutions which are simplified, straightforward and cost-effective to roll out. We can help launch and operationalize your own branded platform that engages patients in intuitive ways, and dramatically improves practice management. The economics of offering care online are stunning, especially as more insurance companies and government-sponsored insurance reimburse for online visits and ongoing care and are driving healthcare organizations to move in this direction.

Before the COVID pandemic, online care was growing in popularity and adoption. Here are some of the benefits to healthcare organizations and insurers which are even more compelling in today’s environment.

Our process starts with an assessment of current capabilities, an understanding of goals, a presentation of options, and development of a plan that meets specific needs. We specialize in online care for older adults and veterans.

Some of Our Services

The COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of healthcare delivery, making online visits, diagnoses and treatment more common and often most preferred.